The new Council members of the Hong Kong Computer Society (HKCS), the largest Information and Communication Technology (ICT) professional body in Hong Kong, have been elected in the Annual General Meeting on 1 June 2021. To lead the Hong Kong Computer Society to a new milestone, the newly elected President, Dr. Rocky Cheng, and Council members will continue to its commitment to professional and industry development as well as community services to ensure the IT sector continues to make a positive impact on peoples’ lives with three main goals, namely talent cultivation and professional development; industry development and collaboration, and the effective use of IT in our community. These commitments aim to foster the further development of HKCS, and assist the Hong Kong ICT industry to enhance its competitiveness in the international arena, and thus contribute to the long-term development of the Hong Kong economy. HKCS also strives to encourage students to pursue IT-related studies at the tertiary institutions

本港最大的資訊及通訊科技專業團體「香港電腦學 會」2021-2022 年度理事會成員,已於 2021 年 6 月 1 日的周年會員大會上順利選 出,新任會長鄭松岩博士將會與新一屆理事會成員盡心為香港電腦學會服務,, 並繼續致力於專業和行業的發展,以及社區服務,確保 IT 部門繼續對大眾生活 產生積極影響;主要工作目標包括:一) 人才培養和專業發展,二) 產業發展與 合作,三) 在社會中有效地運用 IT;務求令香港電腦學會的發展更進一步。香港 電腦學會將持續協助特區政府對資訊科技業的最新政策,為香港人在粵港澳大 灣區發展上,奠下穩固的根基 ,從而提升香港整體競爭力,為未來經濟長遠發 展作出貢獻 。

Press Release



Dear Mmmbers,

In 2020 HKCS reached the BIG FIVE O, fifty years of age! 

To celebrate this auspicious milestone, the HKCS 50th Anniversary Celebration Organising Committee decreed to publish a commemorative booklet on the illustrious history of HKCS in terms of its mission, objectives and activities from the founding of the Society in 1970 to the myriad of activities in the present day.

Many informed individuals were involved in the development and production of this commemorative booklet, from our founding fathers of HKCS in 1970, our Presidents, Council and Committee Members, Distinguished Fellows, to the HKCS Members and friends who have provided us with their memories and accounts of their participation and efforts in fulfilling our core mission in ICT professional development, talent cultivation, industry development and regional and mainland collaboration over the past 5 decades.

I hope you would have much joy in reading this 280+ paged memorable publication, as much as we had in producing it. For many, the narratives and historical photos of past events and endeavours would evoke treasured memories and rekindle the camaraderie of old acquaintances and friendships (send them this anniversary publication!)

HKCS 50th Anniversary Commemorative Publication

Yours sincerely,

Dr. Ted Suen, MH
Hong Kong Computer Society